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My husband and I have both been to Bayshore PT for various injuries. Both Matt & DJ are very professional, knowledgeable and did an amazing job helping us recover. We highly recommended them!


Matt was great helping with my injury, answering all my questions and teaching me what to continue with at home. He worked at a pace that was needed and pushed when needed. He has a great personality and really cares how things are going.


Over the past year my daughter has re-injured the same foot twice (total 3 injuries!) while playing soccer. Matt has helped her rebuild strength and movement in this foot each time. Over the past year there were a few months where my daughter was not able to play soccer while healing. Matt is also a personal trainer and was able to work with my daughter in the gym to maintain muscle strength and stay conditioned through cardio fitness. Each time she returned to the field she was able to withstand the physical challenge of the game because of how he helped her. As a parent I appreciated the emotional support he gave to her when she got frustrated and discouraged due to the length of time she was injured.

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